Scale, inspect & protect your GraphQL API

GraphQL Edge Caching

Reduce load for your backend & get to maximum speed

Fine-grained control

Cache query results that contains a User for 900s and ones that contain an APIToken for 0s? – No problem.

Powerful cache purging

Purge specific objects, like "The User #5", and invalidate all cached query results that contain them.

Scope cached data per-user

Configure how requests are authenticated and which fields are private to securely cache user-specific data.

GraphQL Analytics & error tracking

Get insights into your GraphQL API and debug issues faster

Understand your API’s traffic

Monitor and analyze queries and mutations. Get insights on cache hit rates and request origins up to 30 days in the past.

Stay on top of your performance

Swiftly debug performance problems by checking your origin’s p95 response times to specific queries and mutations.

Identify errors & get alerted

Automatically receive email alerts the moment HTTP or GraphQL error rates spike.

GraphQL Security

Protect your GraphQL API from malicious actors

Query depth limiting

GraphCDN analyses incoming queries and automatically prevents server or database overloads by blocking deeply nested queries at the edge.

DDOS attack protection

Layer 3 and 4 attacks like ping floods, ICMP floods, UDP abuse as well as distributed reflection and amplification attacks are filtered out by GraphCDN.

Anomaly detection

Get notified if any unusual traffic against your API occurs.

That's not all!

Works with all GraphQL backends

Your servers can be written in any language you want. GraphCDN is an API gateway that sits in front of your infrastructure and proxies through any uncached requests. It even supports POST requests!

Automatic mutation invalidation

GraphCDN keeps track of the mutations sent to your GraphQL API and automatically invalidates any cached query results that contain the changed data (e.g. editUser(id: 5)) will invalidate all query results that contain that data.

What are you waiting for?

It takes less than 5 minutes to get your GraphQL API setup on GraphCDN. No credit card required!

Free up to 5M req/mo · No CC required