The CDN for yourGraphQL API

Reduce server load and API response times by caching your GraphQL queries at 60 edge locations worldwide with powerful instant purging ⚡

Servers overheating? API too slow?

Cache your GraphQL queries at the edge

no matter what your API looks like

The most powerful cache purging
Invalidate specific objects that changed, like "Post #5", and all queries that contain it are purged from all caches around the world in 150ms.
60 edge locations worldwide
GraphCDN is powered by Fastly under the hood. From Sydney via Tokyo to New York, GraphCDN is everywhere your users are and can handle your traffic.
40ms or less
No matter where on the planet your servers are, cached requests complete in 40ms for all your users everywhere.
Per-user caching
Securely cache user-specific data by simply configuring how requests are authenticated (whether cookies or a header) and which fields are private. Done.
POST request support
GraphQL clients send queries as POST requests. Contrary to all conventional CDNs, GraphCDN supports these — no need to change your code at all!
Get started in minutes
Configure your scopes, select the types you want to cache and point your GraphQL client at GraphCDN. That's all it takes!

GraphCDN works with any GraphQL Backend


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