Building a great product shouldn’t be stressful

We’ve spent many sleepless nights worrying about scaling, uptime, security and performance in our career. Now, we want to take care of that for you, so you can focus on building a great product instead.

Tim Suchanek and Max Stoiber, the co-founders of GraphCDN


Work at GraphCDN

You love GraphQL and want to work at a fully remote startup? Come join us at GraphCDN! We are hiring across engineering, infrastructure, design, sales, marketing, customer success and beyond.

Official job postings coming soon. Until then, write Tim & Max an email and tell us how you think you could fit in!

Future founder promise: If you want to found your own startup eventually, but aren't quite ready yet, come work at GraphCDN for a bit. We'll teach you everything we know about starting something new. Then, once you are ready to found your own thing, we'll be your first angels and introduce you to all our investors!