Building a great product shouldn’t be stressful

We’ve spent many sleepless nights worrying about scaling, uptime, security and performance in our career. Now, we want to take care of that for you, so you can focus on building a great product instead.

Our team

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  • Thomas Heyenbrock's Twitter avatar

    Thomas Heyenbrock

    Staff Software Engineer

  • Phil Plückthun's Twitter avatar

    Phil Plückthun

    Staff Software Engineer

  • Jovi De Croock's Twitter avatar

    Jovi De Croock

    Staff Software Engineer

  • Andy Richardson's Twitter avatar

    Andy Richardson

    Senior Software Engineer

  • Jenald Villena's Twitter avatar

    Jenald Villena

    Global People Operations Generalist

  • Sue Odio's Twitter avatar

    Sue Odio

    Head of Operations & People

  • Marko Locher's Twitter avatar

    Marko Locher

    Head of Customer Success

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    Tim Suchanek


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    Max Stoiber


Born and raised in GraphQL open source projects.

Creating and contributing to GraphQL projects, we grew tired of wasting time building caches from scratch. Now, we apply our experience to build the product we wished for.