In an ecosystem where two other options already dominated, we had to prove that there's still space for a third opinion in the ecosystem — one that is Novel, Versatile and Intuitive.
We knew from the very first days that we wanted to invest in building the best team possible. That's why we feel so incredibly fortunate that Sue Odio is joining the team here at GraphCDN to lead our Operations & People!
We're pumped that Jovi De Croock, core team member of the GraphQL client urql as well as Preact, is now a part of the team here at GraphCDN!
We're thrilled that Andy Richardson, lead maintainer of the GraphQL client urql as well as creator of the urql-devtools and subscriptionless, is joining the team here at GraphCDN as a software engineer!
Nothing is more frustrating than asking an in-depth technical question and getting a disappointing answer. That's why we're fortunate that Marko Locher is joining the team here at GraphCDN to run Customer Success!
We're very excited that Phil Pluckthun, the creator of the GraphQL client urql as well as many other open source projects, is joining the team here at GraphCDN as a software engineer!
In 2018, Skillshare's REST API had become a performance and maintainability bottleneck. Luis joined the team in March 2018 as they had started thinking about moving to Node, and he suggested they try GraphQL…
We are excited to announce that GraphCDN has acquired FastQL! We'll be transitioning all existing FastQL customers to GraphCDN over the coming months and Zach Hobbs, the creator of FastQL, is going to be advising GraphCDN.
GraphCDN is now available for everybody with edge caching, query analytics, error tracking and protection from malicious queries for your GraphQL APIs.

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urql is a GraphQL client created by the folks at Formidable Labs. We have used it for all of our projects over the past two years. Here's why.
A talk by Tim Suchanek, co-founder of GraphCDN, at Prisma Day 2020 about how Prisma solves the famous N+1 problem automatically.

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There are many confusions around the relationship Prisma has with GraphQL. In this article, Tim Suchanek, co-founder of GraphCDN, clarifies how developers should think about GraphQL and Prisma.

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With GraphQL you can query exactly what you want whenever you want. That is amazing for working with an API, but also has complex security implications.