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Reduce your origin traffic by up to 95% with our GraphQL edge cache and never worry about scaling again.

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How it works

The GraphQL CDN

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Our GraphQL edge cache serves cached query results to your users all around the world in milliseconds. If a mutation changes some data, the smart purging automatically invalidates any cached query that contains that data.


Scale, inspect & protect your GraphQL API


Reduce your origin traffic by up to 95%. Achieve super-fast performance by caching GraphQL query results at the edge.

maxAge: 900
swr: 900
getFeedback: true
Project: true


Protect your GraphQL API from malicious queries with automatic depth limiting at the edge.


Understand the traffic on your API. Quickly debug issues with full insight into HTTP and GraphQL errors. Receive alerts as soon as errors spike.

We are seeing a major difference in server load and response times for our users. I would highly recommend GraphCDN to everyone with a GraphQL API!

Corjen Moll

Co-founder, Reversed Digital

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58 worldwide edge locations

Caching responses has always been a pain for us but with GraphCDN we had it set up in minutes.

Eliezer Steinbock

Founder, Draft Fantasy

Scaling, inspecting and securing GraphQL APIs has always been a struggle in projects we worked on.

As much as we love GraphQL for allowing us to ship good products very quickly, no traditional CDN can cache GraphQL APIs. We had to build custom caching solutions from scratch, which distracted us for weeks and the caches never worked as well as we needed them to.

That's why we built GraphCDN — so operators like you get their well-deserved peace of mind. Let us take care of your scaling problems so you can rest knowing that your GraphQL API is protected from random traffic spikes, database troubles and downtime.

Tim Suchanek Co-founder
Max Stoiber Co-founder

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Free up to 5M req/mo · No CC required